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January 1, 2020

Brave New World

For the past few years, I’ve dragged myself free of the bedsheets early on the first day of the year, looking for solitude, reflection and sunrise. This, along with my penchant for theming each new year, gave me a true feeling of starting fresh, however contrived that feeling might be.

So color me surprised when I woke up with my 2020 motto, “Brave new world,” and headed to a vista point to find…intensely gray skies.


Here’s the part where I should tell you something profound or inspirational—sometimes the best finishes have cloudy starts, when in doubt be sure the sun is still there shining, something ridiculous like that—but instead I’m just going to say it was a bust. It was anticlimactic, I was surrounded by a lot of disappointed people (many who left early), and I was so busy trying to find a bright side that I failed to be anything close to mindful or reflective.

Life sucks sometimes. You don’t have to be perpetually positive, because the world isn’t. Every day the world is as full of tears, confusion and misses as smiles, purpose and success. There’s no difference between Jan 1 and any other day of your life; it’s true. Welcome to a brave new world.

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