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March 13, 2019

Making It

[The following is a series of texts sent I sent to a friend a few days ago. Yes, I sent all of this via text to someone. Minor edits were made to match the new medium.]

So I think I told you that every year I come up with a new theme… last year’s was to be a star

Well, it started specifically around the sun but the fascination expanded

That’s how we got on the whole “build a universe” kick that I hope you’re still building

But as the year ended I was a little down for various understandable reasons… and then I kinda focused in on the fact that nothing was going to change if I kept doing the same thing…and why was I don’t the same thing again?

So 2019’s motto became “break it and remake it”

Actually it started out “break it ‘til you make it” but the new version is a bit more marketable, and put my fate in my own hands (and not luck’s)

So I actually had something else to share with you that is only slightly related, but that gives a backdrop so let’s just call that END SCENE ONE


I came home today and was kinda mopey… not because anything’s wrong but just because I’m here in the new crib all alone (Fru comes on the 17th) and not really feeling energetic enough to go brave the nightlife, which is amplified due to SXSW

So I curled up on my loveseat and opened instagram and saw this super cute post by my brilliantly creative friend Ian and his kids

And then I saw another one of my friends, James Buckhouse, had commented on it and I didn’t actually follow Buckhouse so I went to his account and saw that his Sensorium event happened at the SF Opera the night I arrived in ATX

And then I got really mopey because I’ve attended all his prior events both as a supporter and to be creatively stimulated.

See his design story of the idea here (scroll to the bottom to see me and Fru with him at the first event)

But then as I kept scrolling through his instagram my mopey-ness melted and my awe began to rise: He’s doing this. This isn’t his day job; this is his joy. He’s making it

Now I’m inspired. END SCENE TWO


I hop up from the couch, and move to the dining table to make something. not sure what, but it doesn’t matter. If it’s wrong, I’ll break it and remake it. If it’s good, I still might break and remake it just on principle. The making is the important part.

I need some music to go with this energy. Something creative. Something classical. I can’t think of any modern composers so I open spotify with the intent to find an artist similar to Daniel Hope… but for some reason I remember him as Daniel Glass and search this name instead

Daniel Glass has no albums of his own and only appears on two other releases. That’s because he’s an unknown jazz drummer, not a world-renowned violinist

(Fun fact: at this time, spotify says you were listening to “Rock the Casbah”)

One of the albums he appears on is called “Imagine Your Heart’s Journeys.” It looks questionable. I hit play.

It jumps to life, and I roll with it. By the third song, I think I may have found this year’s Space Kelly 😂 [NOTE: there’s an earlier text tome where I share the story of finding this album on Rdio (RIP) and how it, embarrassingly, never fails to improve my mood]

But by the end, I’m certain that this was the album I was to listen to. It’s got like 26 monthly listeners, but it oozes with love for the music. It’s someone else MAKING IT

What if we could shake off pretense and do what we love? Build what we’ve imagined?


I made it