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February 26, 2016

Don't be your job, dude.

Despite my come-what-may philosophies, I’m realizing that perhaps I should find a specific path to pursue—not for my job, but for life. Failing to plan does mean planning to fail, yet I’m finding something slightly more insidious: one can easily start to think of their job as their life.

Think about it. If you’re in your thirties, like me, you may define yourself by your career more than you realize. But, if you’re like me, you definitely can remember a time that work was the thing you did to pay for the things you actually wanted to do. You weren’t a pizza technician or a cashier; you were a guitarist or a skater, a party animal, a car enthusiast, an outdoorsman.

Maybe it’s because we filled the “I want to be when I grow up” variable with a value of professional kind. Slowly you start to think of yourself as your profession. Worse, those people who cling to their passions instead of their title increasingly are thought of in irresponsible hues—the wanna-be actress, the deadbeat dude.

I wonder who’s the biggest deadbeat: the person who can’t predict their future because they live in the moment or the person who has sacrificed their soul passion to make work the central piece of their existence? If “deadbeat” has anything to do with “heartbeat,” the answer may be painfully clear.

I’m thankful that I now realize that I don’t want to be a TPM. I need to find out what it is I want to spend the rest of the hours of my day doing, because being a TPM is a great occupation which I enjoy that can readily support those pursuits.