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December 30, 2014

Spiritual Entrepreneurism

Reading the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, I have been presented with a lot of discussion around what generates innovation, and whether that is good overall for economy. It would seem that all the people that were interviewed seem to think innovation is something to be encouraged. They also seem to think that the entrepreneur is critical for that to happen.

It makes sense. Every person who starts a business is learning as they grow. To some extent, things have to be experienced more as an entrepreneur. Often there’s little (or no) roadmap, and very often there’s failure. But these are the things that give you business wisdom, and allow you to create something new—to find a solution that hasn’t been found before. As long as your copying the pattern you’ll never find your own shape.

I’ve been wondering if that extends to spirituality. It would certainly seem that the opportunity for failure is much higher were one to try and identify correctness in their existence without some framework to guide them. But how often do those of any religion find themselves adhering to a shape that is not only unnatural but also non-essential—merely a construct turned into a rule itself. Would it make sense for one to strike out and embrace a more mystic method?

I’ve been toying a lot with the idea. We’ll see if the new year brings a grand opening.

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