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August 12, 2012

New Goals

My dream of California living involves waking up to a view of the ocean (or, more accurately @Karlthefog), hopping into my classic muscle car and driving into the city (possibly a combination of CHiPs and Bullit). And so now that I live in California, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Fru’s iPad using cruising through the San Francisco peninsula via Trulia and other real estate apps.

It was after sending a cute little home I’d found to my buddy Mark (who supposedly is chronicling the renovation of his own sweet find) that I realized I spend a lot more time looking for opportunities than I do positioning myself to actually take advantage of great opportunities that may come along.

And I’m not just talking about saving for a down payment.

It’s incredible how easy it is to spend our time dreaming instead of doing; wishing instead of working. In fact, it’s totally possible to fill your day with things that amount to absolutely nothing—as far as your goals are concerned. Happy hours, sitcoms, and tons of other things that makes time fly and seem worthwhile. Among the million things you can do during your waking hours, few actually put your closer to your goal.

Looking at myself, I found passing interest in so many things that there’s no way I could possibly do justice to them all (I may have noticed this before). So I’ve abandoned my house-hunting pastime, along with other time-eaters, in hopes of focusing my energies on three areas:

  1. Generate a consistent, expanding financial base that lend itself to pursuing opportunities.
  2. Develop myself personally, establishing a platform of ideas from which I’ll stand and be known.
  3. Live small—and in a way that is accessible to as many as possible.

Since then I’ve tried to whittle down all my daily activity by 10 aspirational principles, in no particular order:

  • Spend time outside
  • Read and discover mind-expanding things
  • Connect with my family
  • Travel the world
  • Earn my paycheck
  • Practice self-mastery
  • Live as close to self-sustaining as possible
  • Walk with God
  • Create things for imagination’s sake
  • Encourage others to do only what matters

The premise is that anything that does not fall under one of the above is probably not aiding me in my pursuits and should not be done. I hope to find the resolve to make this a permanent barometer in my daily living.