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February 3, 2012

Change your Mind

Every year I change my bio on Twitter to a new personal credo. Recent ones have been:

  • People are behind everything
  • On a treadmill called life: getting stronger, going nowhere
  • Honesty, Craftsmanship, Good Intent
  • Exploring lowest common values

This year, like others, I see a shift in emphasis…

Change your mind.

In a general sense, it is a call to action, encouraging all who read to be the catalyst in the development of their being. I believe this is important because, with the understanding that change is the only constant, the sole alternative is for your mind to be changed, to be formed by external forces rather than by your own.

More personally, it is an acceptance of failure. It is permission to accept error; to move forward. In watching an interview of Twyla Tharp recently(#), I was struck by her defining success and failure by the amount of time it takes to accept failure and move on. In personal reflection, I am notorious for analyzing and rehashing what is past; beating myself up for stupid mistakes long gone.

I don’t want to grow old before my time. I need to let go of the sins of the past by changing my mind. It may well be that changing your mind could be the hardest thing to do when you’re old (and unpracticed). This year I want to put into practice the ability to be free abandon sinking ships, to change sides long before loyalty prevents me and to grow as a result.

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