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December 19, 2010

For Love, Not Profit

While reading Clay Shirky’s second book, “Cognitive Surplus * ,” I was reminded that source of the word amateur is the latin word “to love.” Professionals do things for compensation; amateurs do the same things without expectation simply because they’re passionate about them.

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December 17, 2010

Starting with a Thesis

Instead of just talking about anime yesterday, I should have explained a little more of what I’ve been thinking about. I’m still working out specific nomenclature, but I hope my premise still makes sense.

I’m going to be examining, among other things, the cost and benefit of society’s shift from monolithic tp modular systems of organization—the organization of information, of people, and of resources. I’ll be frank and honest: a lot of this concept has been provoked by reading/listening to Clay Shirky, Adam Greenfield, and Jan Chipchase while being challenged by the non-theoretical applications of people like Anil Dash, Ev Williams and Jeffrey Veen. I’ll be pointing pretty heavily to these sources at first, but I hope to expand to new competent sources of information as a result of my research.

All said and done, my intention is to analyze and evaluate this burgeoning area to the extent that I can competently present and consult on the impact this will have for society and, occupationally, for existing organizations. I’d love to do this for my current organization, but ultimately at some point I’d really enjoy finding new cases for application of the principles I discover.

If you have any information you think may be relevant to this study, feel free to share.

December 16, 2010

A Hyperbolic Time Chamber Vacation

After a lot of interesting interactions, I’ve really craved for the time to sit down, think, and map out what’s next for me, for Leftsider, and for the world. Starting today, I’m taking off for a week, and my office is closed the following week, so I’ve got a nice long holiday opportunity to do just that.

There’s so much, though, to cover! So yesterday I brought my second haul of books home and readied myself for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Vacation.

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a bit of deus ex machina used by the writers of the Dragonball Z animation series. A minute in the chamber felt as if it were six hours; as such, one day in the chamber would allow for a year of training. The protagonists, faced with a vastly stronger opponent and very little time, somehow stumbled upon the knowledge of the “room of spirit and time” (translated to hyperbolic time chamber in the english translation) and travelled to it for a week’s worth of preparation.

I’ve not yet figured out how to make a hyperbolic time chamber of my own, but during this holiday I’m going to squeeze as much reading, exercise, and contemplation in as his humanly possible. I’m not travelling anywhere. I’m avoiding calls. I intend to delve deep and come back revived.

After having a nice conversation with @stuyparker, I’ve been inspired to write daily. I’m hoping to use my HTCV as a springboard for this habit. Let’s see how it goes.