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September 26, 2010

Looking good

IMG_3011.jpegThis is a picture of yours truly, taken during a trip to NYC this summer. Despite the very nice composition by @imnotmok, All I see when looking at this pic is bad form. Haggard eyes, poor posture—and that awful gut.

I know I’m getting old. I’m never going to look as good as I did when I was young (and even less than I thought I looked). But even in aging, one hopes they can grow gracefully rather than ungraciously.

The problem is finding the reason for looking good.

When I look at this photo, what is offended is my pride and self-esteem. I do not see a guy particularly unhealthy or at risk of any sort. I do not feel this person is closer to death than they might assume. I feel, quite frankly, unsexy.

But why do I need to feel sexy? I am past my prime, happily married to a woman who has probably always been a much better looker than yours truly. I’m a lucky man; not a man trying to get lucky. And it would seem that my only concern is that other people find me as attractive as possible.

The fact that this pic makes me want to immediately engage in crunches and pull-ups is so that the young (and not-so-young) pretty females (and let’s be honest; even a little from teh gays) of the city will consider me one of their own, who has gone boldly and attractively into the next phase of life. That vision is about as superficial and philosophically vapid as I can imagine.

So do I turn away and become a virtuous Quasimoto or embrace and become the Dilf of my vain dreams? Is there some other reason why a reasonably healthy, non-competitive man would want to take on the added cost of moving from average to chiseled?

September 6, 2010

A Herb in the Garden

Daryl harvesting for the day's lunchI mentioned my colleague Daryl who took me all around England during my week there; what I haven’t mentioned is how infectious he is. There are several other things besides admiration for the queen which he planted in my head while there—the first of which is a curiosity for home gardening.

I grew up in the country and my father had a rather large garden. It eventually just became a large strawberry patch and, ultimately, a half-court space for a basketball hoop I received after finishing 8th grade. Since then, I’ve never even thought of gardening—though I have consistently had a plant or two in the house over the last decade.

My first full day in, Daryl had me over for lunch with his family. A cute house they recently moved into, they’d done some extensive gardening in the backyard. Of particular interest to me was a little box of herbs and leafy things from which we picked ingredients for salad. I thought to myself, “I should do this on my little balcony!”

So I started hunting up information to learn how to grow my own salad. Also, I’m thinking of seasonal plants and crops to potentially make this a year-round activity.

I know it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to grow enough really replace grocery produce, but perhaps it will lead to an interesting activity that will only expand—perhaps to a place with a bigger balcony?