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April 10, 2010

Kevin Stewart, Patron Saint of Transformation

Just spent a generous amount of time pouring through Sartorialist archives for the entry that showed the fashion transition of this guy. His name is Kevin Stewart, and at the time he was first featured on the blog he was style director for Essence. I believe he now works in the same capacity for Mens’ Fitness and ESPN.

I often think about that blog entry when I think about growing out of familiar things and into new territory. As a result, Mr. Stewart has become something of an icon for me, a bold representation of bold moves.

He’s not the only one whose transformations were chronicled in the Sartorialist, and i’m hope there will be many, many more. Ask yourself this question: how much change has come to your life via your own hand? Would someone look at you today and wonder how you came so far from yesterday?

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