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January 4, 2009


I can't explain how odd it feels to log into the backend of Leftsider, let alone push the big "Write Entry" button. It's been a while, and 2009 currently has no theme upon which a resumation might occur.

Even so, I'm fine--how are you? 2009 has absolutely no reason to be bad, and I hope you're as optimally positioned in spite (or because) of the current forecast of bleakness.

And being so poised, I decided to redesign Leftsider. And to reinstate commenting. And to write again. And though I was reasonably happy with the last design, it was a frankenstein of a thing; the new design will be not just standards compliant but 100% MT compatible in naming and element usage. Which is why... it doesn't exist just yet.  

So I decided that I'll do it little by little. Leftsider has always been where I practice my craft, so I'm going to bare my redesign privates, as it were, for everyone to see.

As comments are back, feel free to input as I progress. I hope you'll be pleased with the eventual outcome.

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