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January 12, 2009

Having Time

Driving home from work, I fondly noticed the stonework of an old Methodist church. Good stonework is a personal joy, from whence I know not, and I imagine some part of the house I build will have a bit of it.

Envisioning the house, nestled in the forestry, near a large pond, looking not unlike an old encampment ruin patched up with large, faded sea blue-painted planks--a testament to the architect's reception of my vision. 

Remembering my vision, that is the key; and to do so I should most certainly sketch this monstrosity. That is, when I have time--and when do I ever have that? There are, seriously, so many things that I want to do when I have the time that I wonder what I ever do with my time in the first place. 

I'll conduct a thorough investigation and get back to you... ah, you know the rest.

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