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August 31, 2006

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Affirmative Action and Family Dynamics

Affirmative Action and Family Dynamics � The Asia Pages

Ideas about affirmative action from an interesting perspective: an adopted woman of Korean descent whose white mother blames affirmative action for her brother's difficulties in doctoral program acceptance.

Forethink Design: Mobile Flirting (Part

Forethink Design: Mobile Flirting (Part 1)

Perfect example of something that is totally normal in Korea yet virtually impossible in the United States. I noted in a comment to the blogger that in many countries people use their mobiles with the deliberate intent of avoiding interaction with others.

Can an object be both a social connector(twitter) AND a social barrier(escape-a-date)?

Foreign Policy: The List: Where

I recently joined a new

I recently joined a new social network-like community called Twitter. I guess I was an easy sell, as I've been looking at moblie telephony's role in society for some time now....since Korea at least. Points from Jan were also fuel to the fire. So when I heard twitter went live, I signed up.

There was a little bit of trial and error, as Helio wasn't up on the short code, but I can confidently say that Twitter has become a routine of my day. It's interesting posting statuses (statii?) without prompting; I think it has a creative quirkiness that overrides the ego-stroking you find in many SNSs (social networking systems). The name fits because, to be honest, there's nothing of substance there--but that doesn't stop it from becoming a complex melody of voices.

Perhaps a fitting, tongue-in-cheek slogan would be "As if you care." Not only because we're all posting little nothings about our day, but also because, for possibly the first time, I'm perfectly ok with receiving messages from people I don't know about things I have no involvement in. In fact, I look forward to it. Makes you wonder how important relevancy is to belonging. Or, conversely, how important belonging is to relevancy.

Anyway, if you're interested in twittering with me, feel free.

What's the probability that we're

the probability that we're living in the Matrix?

I'm not sure what my probability is, but I'm sure that there are some people in my workplace who are living in a simulated reality....

Geek to Live: 6 ways

China Signs Up SKT

China Signs Up SKT for 3G Telecom Services

I'm tellin' ya....
Watch that SK, man.

August 23, 2006

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Guardian Unlimited Money | News_

August 22, 2006

Airfare Predictions, Find Cheap Airline

Airfare Predictions, Find Cheap Airline Tickets - Farecast

Wow. It's finally useful now. Lookie.

Foreign Policy: NET EFFECT: HOW

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) :

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Korea to Turn Yongsan U.S. Base into History Park

Wonder if they'll have periodic demonstrations....can you say musical?

The Top 100 Global Universities

Foreign Policy: The FP Index:

Foreign Policy: The FP Index: Ranking the Rich

The fourth annual CGD/FP Commitment to Development Index ranks 21 rich nations on whether they're working to end global poverty--or just making it worse.

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i live in a box of paints, originally uploaded by Janesdead. | Media | Tom | Media | Tom & Jerry quit smoking

Smoking scenes are to be edited out of classic Tom & Jerry cartoons, following a complaint to the broadcast regulator that they are inappropriate for a show aimed at children.

7 Idea Dumping Tips

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) :

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : "Sea Story" Case Puts Spotlight on Arcade Games

I joked when the seafood restuarant near my home turned into a 바다 이아기 but it would seem that it's becoming no laughing matter.... - Your Brain Boots The State of American

I don't know if I've

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but part of my responsibilities in my current position has made me assistant editor of a quarterly denominational magazine. It's weird being an assistant editor, but hey, it beats my official position title.

Today I sat at lunch and was joined by two other individuals who were involved with denominational publications. As it turned out, they also were both assistant editors at their repsective rags. I decided, as a result of that conversation, that I need to be more careful so that I don't turn into a one-trick blowhard.

August 21, 2006

Mind Hacks: interested in words

Mind Hacks: interested in words

I am very interested in words, and what we have words for and what we haven't got words for. For instance, the word "paranoia." It always seems very strange to me that we have this word which means, in effect, that someone feels that he is being persecuted when the people who are persecuting him don't think that he is. But we haven't got a word for the condition in which you are persecuting someone without realizing it, which I would have thought is as serious a condition as the other, and certainly no less common.

August 19, 2006

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On the return trip from

On the return trip from our New York excursion, I realized that this trip had been the first time in ages that I wasn't adhering to a rigid schedule. We had planned two outings for the four-day trip, and the rest of the time was spent following our whims--or doing nothing at all. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that; since Korea, basically.

What I noticed, however, was that the whole trip seemed better because of it. If we had done more, rushing here and there, dragging friends and family along with us, I think the stress level would have been much higher. Instead, we did less, let things flow, and enjoyed a trip with no tensions. For some reason, this triggered a tangental trane of thought...why can't my life always be like this?

Looking at my model group--the rich and successful--I suppose their life is very much like that. They are responsible for big things and wield remarkable power, but they do very little. I'd imagine that they have someone who does their housekeeping, cooking, driving, etc., allowing them to only involve themselves when they want to; making even mundane tasks more enjoyable.

In their business, it should be much the same. The CEO steers the ship while others implement the directives they give. The captain lends a hand on a whim or when Davey Jones threatens to take the company under (sorry; watched Pirates II last weekend. Cragon!).

I wonder if I can do more to live my life in this way. If I try to do everything myself, I have not resources remaining for dreaming, planning, R&D. My vision becomes more short-sighted and my goals lose coherence. It boils down to just fighting a stressful, solitary battle to survive.

Signum sine tinnitu--by Guy Kawasaki:

Americas" href="">Independent Online Edition

Independent Online Edition > Americas

Fishermen found alive after drifting in Pacific for a year!

AnandTech: Apple's Mac Pro -

August 17, 2006

EnterActive Man, when's the


Man, when's the last time I put something up from WeMakeMoneyNotArt? Yep that's right, I've pulled out the ol' RSS subscriptions backup.

Looking back at Hotwired, by

Looking back at Hotwired, by Jeffrey Veen

Wow. And I remember a time when I thought that Hotwired (and especially HotBot) would never be surpassed. Ironically, this was shortly after I switched allegiances from Altavista. many memories do those names dredge up for you?

The seven ways that people

August 16, 2006

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet Everything

Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

Everything you ever wanted to do using firefox. And then some.

Finally got away for a

Finally got away for a few days, and I think that I'm feeling better for it. A chance to not think about class requirements, work projects, friend issues, etc. I highly recommend it.

Besides seeing Ronaldinho play live and watching a great game in Yankee Stadium in the same short respite (as if that isn't great enough!), I also tried to get some time in for thought. One thing I thought about--the puprose for this post--was how much I really prefer "the District" to "the Big Apple."

After living in Daegu, quite possibly the most urban living situation of my life, Fru and I felt real withdrawal moving back to the comparatively rural lifestyle of east coast suburbia. While we still had alternative modes of transportation and a bevy of interesting things to see and do, The bus was too infrequent, the train was to far, and the cabs were too expensive. Further, our friends now were less interested in joining us on excursions, particularly ones that involved said public transportation.

For this reason, along with others, I've actually wondered recently if I'd enjoy living in New York City better. I've never thought about living in NYC seriously; not that I dislike it, just that it seems like a nice place to visit--not to live in. Yet now, as I'm looking to be more aptly stimulated, could New York be a better fit?

It's the city that never sleeps; the most recognized American city in the world. I spent the past four days there and it's all true. The best pizza in the world. Style and attitude abound. But I felt that there was a tremendous burden to maintain this symbolism of cool, to a point that is can really smother pure, innocent and uninhibited growth and creativity. I think that DC, being a small city that only recently started being hip, has a real clean creativity about it. There are a lot of people who want it to be a New York, or a Miami, or a Chicago; but it is what it is, and that's what makes it uniquely enjoyable. This is something that I said about Daegu as well, when comparing it to Seoul.

Probably the biggest thing that I discovered during this trip that I hadn't realized before is that I find DCers much more attractive than New Yorkers. I was shocked by this, as both are very well blended culturally. New Yorkers edge us out on style, but just general good looks goes to DC. I know this is not an objective category, but it really is important that if you must put up with attitude, at least there is something visually rewarding. heh.

One area I haven't really been able to quantify is also an area I haven't been able to correctly name. It involves the ease at which a person can think progressively, envision possibilities, and find a community of people interested similarly in looking down that road (although possibly from different perspectives. I haven't run into that kind of person in NY, but I think that may be because I'm usually with family when I'm up there....not with colleagues and associates. I think that these might be evenly matched, but I'd like to be more knowledgeable about that whole thing.

So I arrived home today, and I was glad to be back. I definitely would rather live in the District. New York will always hold a special stage that DC cannot hope to aspire to, but I'll still be content just to visit.

August 6, 2006

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t26, originally uploaded by Miss StrangeLove.

Have I mentioned how much i love my Flickr Favorites? Not only are they fantastic individually, but just looking at the 6x6 arranged pages of them just brings a little serenity to my soul. Good times.

August 5, 2006

She Does It. Can We?

She Does It. Can We?

Ten years ago, Vandebroek's husband died suddenly, leaving her alone with three small children and no other relatives in the U.S. She responded not just by sticking to her career, but by taking on a string of increasingly challenging, high-profile roles. Her latest is chief technology officer at Xerox, a job she won in January.

August 4, 2006 - Study: More Americans - Study: More Americans too fat for X-rays, scans - Jul 26, 2006

More and more obese people are unable to get full medical care because they are either too big to fit into scanners, or their fat is too dense for X-rays or sound waves to penetrate, radiologists reported Tuesday.

August 3, 2006

Just finished talking with Walter,

Just finished talking with Walter, who is on a mission trip from Korea to Japan. It's a holiday in Japan right now, so they are relegated to sightseeing until the festivities finish.

Cesar left a message on his Myspace page, sharing the fun and adventure he's experiencing on his mission trip to Belize. Despite what he considered to be abject primitivity, he apparently is well connected and asks that we keep in touch via email while he's gone.

My coworkers Mervyn and Mark arrived last week from a 3-week mission trip to Philippines. Lots of fresh fruit and tropical weather, hard work and over 100 baptisms. Of course, they also got to tour and see some sights while there as well.

My in-laws practically met them in the airport, leaving for a mission trip to Kenya early monday morning. There they will help to build a parsonage next to the church that was built last trip, so that it will encourage the Union to place a pastor and his family in that village. Many pastors in Africa have numerous churches, but it's always nice to have your church be his "home church."

Building relationships with the people is nice as well. That's what Onyx thought was the best part of his recent mission trip from Korea to Mongolia. He worked through an interpreter to talk to the people--though he naturally is a magnet for children--and hope to keep in contact with the few people he managed to build ties with while he was there.

Me? Well, I just sit in this cubicle, then go to class, then go home....

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) :

August 2, 2006

Mind Hacks: Drug dangerousness ranked

Mind Hacks: Drug dangerousness ranked by UK advisors

You might be surprised. Then again, you might not.

This morning I woke up

This morning I woke up feeling like someone beat and bruised me. I felt a little better shortly after getting up, but I couldn't generate energy.

I went to work late and left early. Now I've got unfinished tasks, hours to make up and an exam tomorrow. Nyah well; I work best under pressure. Actually, I think I work ONLY under pressure. heh.

Joi Ito's Web: Continuous Partial

Joi Ito's Web: Continuous Partial Attention

Reading this post, following the self-referential link (and following through on a link on that post) confirms my feelings that Joi's site was so much more intruiging and engaging than it is now. Is it because he's veered in a different direction, or because I'm left behind? one.eye Archives How many one.eye Archives

How many of the stupid things that we think up could actually foster creativity and radiate brilliance?

I feel like that sentence would sound better in another language....