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June 27, 2006

" href="http://www.bhophoto.com/2006worldcup.html">:: bhophoto.com :: Photographs

:: bhophoto.com :: Photographs - 2006 World Cup - Spirit of the Red Devils

Now that it's all over for Korea, we can at least remember their unbelievable fan support. It's hard to lose when so many people are faithfully cheering you on. Let's remember, too, that these last two games started in Korea at four in the morning! Now that's dedication.

Mind Hacks: Not tonight honey...?

Mind Hacks: Not tonight honey...?

Although headaches are a traditional turn-off for amorous couples, new research published in the journal Headache suggests that people susceptible to migraines actually report greater levels of sexual desire.

I get migranes! Is this my first time to be happy about that?

June 26, 2006

I was hanging around and

I was hanging around and doing my thing, talking to people and making connections. I bumped in to Joey along the course of my socializing, so naturally we decided to ride home together.

We talked about stuff, laughing and joking in our usual way; Joey talked about the stupidity of one thing or the other and I tried to bring out the bright side in a humorous manner. We got home and sat down and just continued in light conversation.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. "Joey," I asked after having a nice laugh over something, "Am I going crazy?"

He looked at me funny, but didn't say anything--almost as if he wasn't sure if I was serious or priming another punchline. "Cause if I'm not crazy," I said, "How are you here when you died last January?"

"That's because I...." He started, but then his eyes got that faraway look as if he really had to think about this one. "It's, well, it's.....I died....yeah....well I guess the reason is.....uh....yeah I died...."

"And if I'm not crazy," I continued, slowly starting to lose composure, "Why am I the only one that can see you?"

Joey just sat there, on the sofa, and I, sitting on the floor, bowed my head as a wave of emotions I couldn't contain started forward. But before I could let go, I realized that I was lying, face-down, in my bed. 6:30am, with the begininngs of tears in the corners of my eyes.

What a way to start a Monday. I'm sure this week's going to be fun. :(

The Wrong Man Absolutely Ridiculous.

The Wrong Man

Absolutely Ridiculous. I can't believe this actually happened. Should have linked this with the other post earlier.

What Bill Gate's Departure

defective yeti: A Pitcher's Worth

we make money not art:

we make money not art: Interview of Michael Samyn & Auriea Harvey

Our motivation to make computer games the way that we do, stems from the fact that we enjoy certain aspects of commercial computer games a lot, but dislike others with a passion. So we try to make computer games without all the things that we don't like (competition, meaningless violence, strict rules, predefined goals, canned stories). We also try to add a certain level of authorship that we feel is lacking in commercial games. They often feel too much like products that fell off an assembly line in some toy factory than deepfelt expressions of creative people.

The Endless Forest in particular was motivated by a desire to create a peaceful social environment. Online games very often seem like dressed up single player games. We try to design interactions that invite playing with each other. We also consciously removed all ways in which players could hurt or annoy each other. That's why there is no chat in the game, for instance.

The Observer | UK News

The Observer | UK News | Single-sex schools 'no benefit for girls'

The findings by Alan Smithers, Professor of Education at Buckingham University and one of Britain's most respected schools experts, will come as a shock to parents convinced their daughters would benefit from an all-girl environment. Half a century of research 'has not shown any dramatic or consistent advantages for single-sex education' for boys or girls, he will conclude.

The Justice System If incarceration

The Justice System

If incarceration rates remain unchanged, 32.2 percent of black boys born in 2001 are projected to go to prison in their lifetimes.

I had a plan, but

I had a plan, but life keeps getting in the way.

I figured that if I could do classes Monday through Thursday from 6-10 if I just went in to work earlier. Seven in the morning to 5pm would give me time to get between locations with minimal tardiness. Since I live really close to work I could still squeeze in 6-7 hours a night for sleep, which was all I was used to anyway.

What I hadn't calculated was homework/reading time, and since this is a summer session they really pile it in. But Fridays and Sundays were free so I figured I'd just have to forego my usual social lifestyle as a tribute to dedicated study.

So if everything is set to work, why do I keep getting sidetracked? Meetings with the financial advisor, short notice parental visits, weekend trips....it's all very counterproductive. It would seem that Leftsider is the only outlet that hasn't really required my presence, so let me say thanks to all of you who have endured the slowdown.

Enjoy a few links in appreciation.

June 24, 2006

.flickr-photo { border: solid

, originally uploaded by Eddie Law.

June 14, 2006

The Asia Pages � Watching

The Asia Pages � Watching the World Cup on Yongwon Street

By the way, am I the only Korean-minded blogger that noted that S.Korea's anthem got played twice? Apparently someone up in the audio box bungled up and, instead of playing Togo's anthem, played 애국가 again.

My Korean tutor called me from Korea and laughed, "It was a sign. I knew we were gonna win then!"

June 11, 2006

To the person who arrived

To the person who arrived at my website looking for "copulating horses pictures"....
I'm not even going to respond. Who am I to judge? Maybe you're doing an equestrian report for your 4h club? Yeah, that's it; a class report.....

June 10, 2006

.flickr-photo { border: solid

, originally uploaded by Eddie Law.

Frulwinn and I have been

Frulwinn and I have been delinquent in uploading recent photos....but now we have. Check what we've been doing the past couple of months.

DPRK - a photoset on

DPRK - a photoset on Flickr

Can't say I know the reason why, but one of my Flickr contacts was recently in North Korea. There are some really nice pictures there--and they are undoubtedly the most recent DPRK pics I have seen.

Mind Hacks: Caffeine makes people

Mind Hacks: Caffeine makes people more open to persuasion

So does this mean I have to buy you a coffee before I persuade you to cheer for Costa Rica?

World Cup KickOff - All

World Cup KickOff - All the match details for World Cup 2006 in Germany

Well we lost the first one (unsurprisingly), but that's no excuse not to keep all other games on your calendar. Do it!

To my German friend, currently

To my German friend, currently living outside of Hambug:

leftsider: Eike I really like you buddy, but we're on opposite sides of the line today
leftsider: My mother is from Costa Rica ;)
Eike: oh boy
Eike: well our captain is sick so you guys have good chances :)
leftsider: well honestly, I think we'll need it.
leftsider: But if we can get past you guys it should be smooth sailing.
Eike: ....IF....
leftsider: :D

Why are you still here??? The game is about to start!!!!
Cheer for Costa Rica!

Long wait over for hosts

Long wait over for hosts Germany

Info on the opening matchup

CharlieBrown: 형~ CharlieBrown: 나 독일

CharlieBrown: 형~
CharlieBrown: 나 독일 가고 싶다.
CharlieBrown: 월드컵 보러~
leftsider: It's not good for you anyway
leftsider: it's sabbath there....and it will be in Germany.
leftsider: -_-;;;;
CharlieBrown: 아 맞다~!
CharlieBrown: 그냥 순간이동 해서 가고 싶다.
CharlieBrown: do u understand 순간이동?
leftsider: no...what's that?
CharlieBrown: teleport
leftsider: hahahaha
leftsider: I have to remember that

Wired News: Soccer, Anyone? How

Wired News: Soccer, Anyone?

How to get your soccer on online.

June 8, 2006

The Chinese Tattoo Prank: Making

June 2, 2006

Wired News: Yahoo Video Mimics

Wired News: Yahoo Video Mimics YouTube

I think this is a fantastic idea for a company that I think actually has it right when reinventing itself. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut before I jinx them. heh.

For the record, I will say that I've been playing with Y!360 recently, and it is more like Cyworld than anything else I've seen in the US. And that's a compliment.

we make money not art:

we make money not art: Drones and music charts at the bitforms gallery

Mildy interesting exhibition, but the picture of the wall-mounted ipod reminded me of an experience we had while visiting in Tokyo.

The second evening we wandered around Shibuya just seeing what was around and peeking into shops. One street was particularly nice and had more than one gallery or store that put me face to face with things that I had previously only seen in publications like Wallpaper and websites like we make money not art. On this street, whe stopped into a small boutique store/gallery that had four ipods mounted on its large front window. Under each ipod was a black circle, also installed into the window.

I looked at the setup and surmised that the black circles were used as some sort of sensor, which controlled which ipod played music inside the store. Upon entering the store and seeing the turntables in the back, spinning away, I soon realized that the ipods were just ipods--the black circles were headphone jacks that passers-by could plug into and just listen.

Using the ipods in this way, and with no incentive to move people any further than the storefront window, was completely fascinating to me.

I should have taken a picture, but I was (probably unnecessarily) concerned with the store and artists' feelings about their work and ideas being photographed.

June 1, 2006

.flickr-photo { border: solid

IMG_1422.JPG, originally uploaded by No Sleep.

CNN.com - Former Marine fends

CNN.com - Former Marine fends off robbers, kills 1 - May 31, 2006

"My first instinct was to run, but they cornered me, so I had no other choice than to defend myself," Autry said.

shoot those rabid dust bunnies

shoot those rabid dust bunnies - they're eating my prize-winning swiss furniture!: why's Poignant Guide To Ruby in Korean

I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be linked in an entry that talks about teaching Ruby--or any other programming language for that matter. I guess hell does freeze over once in a while. heh.

Girlfriend 6.0 vs. Wife 1.0

Girlfriend 6.0 vs. Wife 1.0

A Comparative Trial. Classic geek humor.

Behind the Posting: The MacBlog

Behind the Posting: The MacBlog True Life Story - O'Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog

This is the kind of stuff that makes work fun. I've had similar email trailings here at work, but they're few and far between these days...

강미 | learning korean Kangmi

강미 | learning korean

Kangmi finally got her database issues squared away. Congrats!