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December 30, 2005

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If you were in the boat with us, looking where I took this picture, you would have seen THOUSANDS of fireflies flashing, making the trees along the water blink like christmas trees. Apparently, the all stopped bllinking when the shutter opened.

Kidding; though I do wonder what it would take to capture something like that in a picture.

Frulwinn said she liked it. She spent most of the time worried that the mosquitos were going to bite her ankles, though. *sigh*

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After feeding monkeys, it was decided that we should feed ourselves.

Our tour companions were from Holland and Russia (Siberia!). They were quite friendly, but the fact that we all had our native tongues and our spouses with us limited group conversation somewhat. Luckily there was plenty of food to stuff our empty mouths with.

After eating, we went to another part of the river you see behind us. We all were here just for this moment...

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Do I need to say anything about this? I didn't think so. Planning and getting sick (more on that later) and rescheduling and anything else are all worth it to see that girl smile.

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Next we went on a tour which, unbeknownst to me, included feeding monkeys with food we had to purchase. I failed to see the novelty, but I think Frulwinn was amused.

Growing up in the country, I fed animals. Pets and stuff. But I knew a lot of people who also fed animals. Cows, chickens, pigs, horses, whatever. So feeding an animal just is lost on me. Sorry. Next slide!

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Perhaps you know by now that I was all about pleasing the Mrs. on this trip. We had a really nice hotel, but when they got sketchy on the internet provisions I seized the moment and decided to check if anything else good was available. As a result, we got to spend the night in a five-star hotel.

The Mandarin Oriental KL is no joke. It was Fru's first time staying in a 5-star (it was mine, as well, but you know I have appearances to upkeep so I was decidedly ho-hum about the whole thing) and they really impressed her. This kinda worried me because even she noted that our trip was just getting better and better....could I keep up the pace?

BTW, the building right outside my window? That's the Petronas Towers.

December 29, 2005

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KL used to be the capital but it has recently been moved down south a bit. Still, this is the place to be and see.

After recoop'ing from the trip up, I took Fru down to the strip for a little shopping, then we went to the KL tower for a fantastic night view of the city.

The tower staff fitted us with headphones and we were told all about what we were seeing....even if we weren't really interested in knowing exactly. Lasting just a second longer than it should've it kinda prevented any "ooh"s and "aah"s I would have observed from Fru. Drat. still very nice.

Here you have a pic, from the tower, of the Petronas towers. These, until a few years ago, were the tallest structures in the world (incidentally, the KL Tower seems equally high due to being on a hill).

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After a wonderful garden tour I had planned to show my wife a wonderful view of Singapore and Malaysia as we made our way to Kuala Lumpur. But, as a bumbling procrastinator, I waited too long.

When we arrived at the Malaysia Railway Station we were surprised to find that the tickets were all sold for the train to KL. Through a stroke of good fortune, however, we were able to get two tickets from another couple who were exchanging for another day.

These were overnight seats, however. That means that the trainride was useless; the scenery was pitch black. The first class seating wasn't quite first class, either.

Anyway, we made it--arriving 6am the next day. As always, my lovely wife just smiles. She was just happy that we got there.

*sigh* Foiled again. I'm still not done though!

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When I was in high school, I asked Frulwinn what her favorite flower was. She told me that she really liked orchids. Since then, I've always thought about her whenever I run across mention of these flowers.

At the back of the Singapore Botanical is an Orchid Garden. In fact, I believe that it's the world's largest orchid garden. I made sure to put this on our list of things to do, hoping to see my wife swoon.

As we entered the garden, I asked her, "Aren't orchids your favorite flower?"

"No; Calla Lilies," she replied. "I think they're my mom's favorite though. She would love this."


I guess it's easy to see that time changes things. Oh well.

The safari excited her, and she did say she enjoyed the orchid garden. But I've still got tricks up my sleeve....

(btw, there's a ton of flower pics on flickr if you're interested. I tend to go crazy when in a garden with a camera.)

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The day after Christmas Fru and I went to the Singapore Botanical Gardens, a fantastic place that put's Daegu's poor little Arboretum to shame. I picked this place for something in particular....

December 28, 2005

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If anyone's ever wanted to vacation well but not spend a lot, southeast asia is your spot. We've had nothing but great hotels at dirt-cheap prices.

Our first hotel was Perak Lodge. Right between ethnic Little India and shop-tastic Bugis, this serene lodging cost us around US$50 a night!

December 26, 2005

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Christmas night Frulwinn and I went on a night safari! Lots of live wild animals; also lots of fake lighted animals (for holiday decoration!). See the pictures at Flickr.

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DSC04885, originally uploaded by Leftsider.

Evenings have their own delights.

BTW, anyone here who doesn't can see all the pics and the ones I'm skipping at Flickr. See the pic at the bottom and click.

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Christmas dinner was a onslaught of "firsts." First Christmas in hot weather, First Christmas in a country where Christianity is not the majority (so ALL stores were open! Sweet!), First time having pizza for the time-honored meal.....but all of the above were so good.

Fru and I walked the strip and then made one of our favorite pizza joints, California Pizza Kitchen, our Christmas Dinner Finalist. Delicious.

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Pine and Fir trees aren't so common in tropical areas, but that doesn't mean we can't have a few holiday ornaments, right? :D

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Next to the church is the San Yu Adventist School. There were pictures in the church of staff and graduates of this school that went way back--so apparently it's a well-established educational institution here. Middle and high school, as I'm aware.

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No Leftsider tour is ever really underway without first finding the local Adventist community. There are about 7 churches in Singapore, sources say.

Here's the Chinese SDA Church on Thomson Rd which we attended Saturday, Christmas Eve.

December 23, 2005

Posting will be light-to-nonexistent for

Posting will be light-to-nonexistent for the holidays; Fru and I have just safely arrived in Singapore and will be seeing the sights here and in Malaysia.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

December 20, 2005

BBC NEWS | World |

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Kikwete fears for Zanzibar future

This hurts my heart since Zanzibar is one of the most peacefully beautiful places I've ever visited. I hope the norm is restored soon.

BBC NEWS | Business |

BBC NEWS | Business | Tokyo Stock Exchange boss resigns

Tokyo Stock Exchange president Takuo Tsurushima has resigned following a 40bn yen ($333m) trading error.

Just now, and with little

Just now, and with little deliberation, I've decided to heretofore refer to my usual processes of trying new applications, mastering web techniques, learning new computer-related languages, dabbling in basic scripting and programming, figuring out computer software or hardware-related issues, web browsing and blogging as "scratching my nuts."

That was something I used to do quite often as a adolecent and high school student. It was an almost involuntary condition that happened on a constant basis--from when i first got up until I got back into bed. Sometimes it produed a pleasant satisfaction, while other times it had no effect at all. And, finally, people always gave me funny looks when i talked about it.

Yeah. it's really quite similar. Any objections are welcome in the comments section.

10 Apps Every New

Things to do in Korea

Things to do in Korea

Problem with being an early adopter is that you often forget about things you signed up for. Just ran across my old Ta-Da list and realized I've knocked out a good bit of them in my time here. Hopefully I can finish this list before it's all over with.

By the way, I did rock a Yangban outfit....does that count as a hanbok?

defective yeti: Hola, Amigos Unbelievably

defective yeti: Hola, Amigos

Unbelievably funny post with a deceptively boring (and unrelated) title. READ!

BBC SPORT | Football |

BBC SPORT | Football | Ronaldinho wins world award again

Now that Fru has started watching football with some regularity, she has taken a particular liking to Ronaldinho. I have to admit, he really is deserving of the award, though I'm not nearly competent enought to say that he's the best in the world.

3DID Wireless MIDI Glove Kicks

The Korea Times :

The Korea Times : 'Seoul Citizens Exposed to Highest Cancer Risk'

Twenty-one out of every 1,000 Seoul citizens are likely to suffer from cancer during their life time, the highest risk of cancer among the nation's seven largest cities, due to environmental pollution, a government report said yesterday.

The southeastern city of Taegu had the second highest cancer risk caused by various environmental pollutants as 14.2 out of its 1,000 citizens are likely to contract cancer, followed by Ulsan with 4.7 and Inchon with 3.9.

December 19, 2005

we make money not art:

Foto's Nederlands Kampioenschap Latte Art

World news from The Times

World news from The Times and the Sunday Times - Times Online

This makes me very sad. Wikipedia is a perfectly good example of what the web can do. What's happening now is a perfectly good example why the web really can't do all it's capable of. And, of course, the media gives it loads of attention when it's in its not at its best.

gapingvoid: $300 shirts *sigh* I

gapingvoid: $300 shirts

*sigh* I can't even imagine making enough money to do that without guilt, but I'm sure it's nice.

Small Biz 101: No one

Guardian Unlimited | Science |

In Address, Bush Says He

defective yeti: I'm A-Start Some

defective yeti: I'm A-Start Some Drama

Boy this got me grinning....and then the comments....I'm in stitches now.

December 18, 2005

I am an oddity in

I am an oddity in Korea on many levels. I'm a long-haired black man. I'm not from Africa, not in the military, and not an English teacher. Moreover, I came to Korea to study the language and culture and I'm having a really good time that has really enriched me. I promote Korea, especially Daegu, with a heartfelt fervor.

It's probably already evident, then, that I have difficulties dealing with prolonged exposure to foreigners here in Korea. This is especially true for those of us who come from the western hemisphere. Because I fall in that category, perhaps this is not the best thing to say. I hope you will recognize me as an exception to the rule; if not, let me know where I can change.

The first and foremost issue that I have with foreigners is that often do not make an effort towards assimilation. So many people complain about things being "different," "weird," or "so 'Korean'," yet they fail to realize that they are the visiting strangers. If you are in Korea, expect things to be Korean. Why would they be like America? This is not America. I imagine these are the same people who, when in the US, would complain about people who don't speak English well.

The next thing could probably be considered 1.1: wallowing in misery. For every moaning foreigner, there are another four who have to listen to their story. Out of those four, one or two are quite possibly new to Korea and are receiving subconscious instruction to reciprocate this wheel of whining. This seems to be especially true of English teachers. Foreigners in Korea tend to disproportionately be in this category, so I don't know if my use of especially is really valid.

These two really are the meat of my rant, but there are a few other things that really irritate me. I can't for the life of me understand these horrible phenomena:

Foreign residents very rarely adopt the clothing styles of Korea. Instead, they adopt a "I bought this at Old Navy in 2001" look that becomes even more disheveled when brought into contact with Korean laundering. Why must we look so bummy?

On that note, most foreign residents that I've met have been very slim or unhealthily overweight. I know that I lost about 15 pounds in my time here (much of which has been regained) so being slimmer is understandable. Being unhealthy, either slim or otherwise, is not. Well being is everywhere in korea. Western medicine, eastern medicine, health spas, skincare centers, yoga everywhere you really would be in your greater interest to channel that disparaging energy you're pining away from towards something that will be beneficial to your life. Like learning to cook and making a little physical exertion here or there.

Ok the next one may not actually be your fault: you're often not very academic. I'm saying it nicely; I have a hard time seeing many foreign teachers holding a similar or applicable position in their home country. That is your fault, but the fact that all of you happened to gravitate here may be Korea's fault more than anything. As it stands, I feel I have lost most of my intellectual conversation skills due to compromising for learning Koreans and dim expats. Just this week some Koreans bashfully asked me why their teachers so often misspelled words--a rarity in Korea. I covered you by noting the Korean language's anchoring to meanings held in Hanja and such which don't exist in english words. But be sure, this employment-unfit student wonders the same thing sometimes.

Finally, culture. Ok so most of us are from the US and Canada, but are we really all the same? Foreign residents, in my humble opinion, leave no incentive to the Korean population to develop a heterogeneous society. All foreigners seem to do is dress bad, act sullen, and drink in designated venues (Some might also add "steal our women," but I haven't lost my wife to theft so I'm going to leave that one alone. Ha). No book clubs, no forums, no community awareness initiatives or anything. Maybe I was spoiled coming from the DC metro area. A quick scan of our closest married friends confirms that, actually: White married to Korean, Panamanian married to White, Israeli-South African married to Jewish-South African, Filipino, Dominican, Japanese....ok I'm privileged but that doesn't mean we can't have any diversity here.

Perhaps this chastisement does come a bit unannounced; I apologize. But for the last two weekends I have been trapped in situations where I was trapped with these glaring annoyances. I get frustrated when I'm pigeonholed with people of this ilk, and you know that Leftsider is my place to vent. Rant off.

December 16, 2005

BBC NEWS | World |

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Turkish author's trial to begin

"Turkey's best-selling novelist Orhan Pamuk is due to go on trial in Istanbul accused of insulting his nation." And the Dixie Chicks thought they got backlash. wow.


BelOng, originally uploaded by :R.e.a.s.o.n:.

iBotched, renamed

A couple days ago I successfully upgraded the RAM in my iBook to its maximum, 1.25gb. I was really nervous about this, because I had never upgraded ram (ok maybe once) and never worked on laptop hardware. Since my iBook is my lifeline these days, I was very pensive.

Additionally, I used my bad korean speaking ability to order the RAM from a questionable Mac service center for a ridiculously low price. When I came back to pick up my order, the memory was givent to me, folded in a square of aluminum foil with a handwritten receipt. I was sure of impending doom, so I named the post iBotched--as in my botched attempt to upgrade my computer.

Surprisingly, though, everything when smoothly. Even though the numbers on my stick of RAM were far from identical to the ones listed in the recommendations in my manual, they were almost a match to the ones on the stick I was replacing. And the whole operation took a record 15 minutes--not including my going back to make sure I hadn't missed anything.

So I've decided to rename this operation iBump, in reference to both the bump up in speed and the mountain that I made out of a molehill.

Smart stuff - the world's

Foreign Dispatches: The Fall of

Foreign Dispatches: The Fall of a Korean Idol

Perhaps my one and only link on this whole Dr Hwang fiasco.

BBC NEWS | World |

BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | 'Historic' Iraq election praised

For a minute I wondered why reading this article made me so happy. It's been so long since I've been able to intelligently discuss what matters to me most in this situation.

Many of my friends oppose our involvement in Iraq. Still others have that very patriotic braggadocio that justifies our presence with a mildly swaggering air.

A lot of people that I've met in Korea have a distinct distaste for George Bush. They assert that he loves war, and that being in Iraq is unnecessary. I cannot confirm or deny any of these statements, but I think they are mostly grounded on what people see in the US media that is available to them. I'm sure the high number of America-wary Canadians about don't help the perception much.

But once upon a time, long ago, I felt a little spark of hope in this big, dark heart of mine. I envisioned a people who were free--not in actions or in business, but in philosophy and thought. I hoped that from the developing rubble an opportunity would arise where all people could feel free to embrace their beliefs and be part of a unified collective.

This article reveals that spark again. I'm so happy for the people of Iraq as the move toward their own collective vision of tomorrow--whatever it may be.

Yahoo! 2005 Top Searches

December 14, 2005

Korean Language Notes: Do you

Korean Language Notes: Do you know any good Korean slang?

I'm telling you, this guy is a korean language goldmine.

We live in the future

notes: links for 2005-12-13

I agree with Torrez on this one.

Funny story. My first time ever using a personal computer. I had used commodores at school for pacman and Dr. J vs Larry Bird, but never a computer for private use at home. Wow! The concept! The possibilities!

The object: A frankin(?) dual-floppy PC. If I remember correctly, 16kb of storage, tower style. My father's prized posession--and completely off limits to me and my sister.

Finally I found a reason to get on the machine: school report. Reluctantly, my father acquiesed. Now remember this was all an intricate plot; so I had ulterior motives in play. And that motive was....

Lisa Bonet. Yes she lit a fire in my gradeschool heart and I was determined to find out information on her. My father had put in WordPerfect for Dos (ha!) and, amazingly left me to my own devices. Now was my chance!

I typed: "Who is Lisa Bonet?"

Nothing happened. Darn! there must be more to this info-culling than I anticipated. I tried again. "Who is Lisa Bonet?"

Still nothing. Drat! Oh wait....I forgot to hit enter! Duh?

The sentence I wrote moved down a line. My heart leaped as I waited for information to pour onto the screen, telling me everything a preteen needs to know to win the heart of a 20-something hollywood firecracker. I hit enter a few more times for expidited posterity.

"Are you almost done?" My father's voice snapped me out of my lull. Crap! I'm here waiting and haven't started writing this report! Ok. now to get this off the screen and start typing....

Somehow I managed to get back up to the top of the screen, but I couldn't figure out how to get down to my typed query, smackdab in the middle of the screen. So, I kept pushing enter (or was it Return back then?). eventually, all I saw was blue screen. Sweet now let's start.

Imagine my father's joy when he comes to print my report. It went a little something like this:

  • two blank pages

  • two pages of report

  • six blank pages

  • a page with "Lisa Bonet"

  • a pate with "Who is Lisa Bonet?"
  • Remember, this is back in the day when printers were fed peforated piles of paper from a cardboard box. My dad was actually less than pleased.

    This is one of the reasons I say that I was made for internet, and internet was made for me. People often wonder how I can work in an office on a computer all day and very happily spend an entire evening doing the same. Simple. I wanted answers from my computer since I was in elementary, and now I have them.

    We live in the future. This is my kinda time.

    Gear Factor: Aprilia Launches 2006

    Gear Factor: Aprilia Launches 2006 Scooters

    On my wish list, but maybe I should wait until I return....heaven help us if Korean scooter drivers (especially in Daegu) got a hold of these.

    we make money not art:

    iBotched, the prologue

    I'm going under in a minute, and, if all goes well, I'll be coming up blazing! Details to come....

    Korean Language Notes: How do

    Korean Language Notes: How do I study Korean?

    I seriously am impressed by this guy. He's inspiring me to push a little harder these days. Who knows, maybe I will start a korean journal soon....I'm technically at that level in theory... - Soldiers say media

    December 13, 2005

    I'm a little grouchy right now ;)

    old pic of Cici, originally uploaded by Jeremy K..

    Slacker Manager: The Several Habits This is a pretty

    This is a pretty good idea! I think I can see a better use for it though...

    I can totally see this bringing usefulness to these lcd screens they keep trying to implement on new refrigerators. I open the door, look for what I have, and then the refigerator makes suggestions regarding creatable meals. Now that's useful!

    Businesswo-mom comes home from a hard day and now can have a quick list of fast recipies. Bachelorette Betty can impress her unexpected guest with a meal she "just whipped up with what was there." Bonus points for health-friendly indicators.

    Any other ideas?

    A Serendipitous Intention � Blog

    Korean Language Notes: What does

    In the future, I will

    In the future, I will wear pants. - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

    My all-time favorite web-based artist is guest hosting at SvN. You get two good things for the price of one, man, which is free btw. Check it out.

    BBC NEWS | England |

    BBC NEWS | England | Oxfordshire | Jail for 'honour killing' family

    Wow. I always feared I'd be a overzealous father if I had a daughter, but apparently I'd not even be the tip of that iceberg.

    The Korea Times :

    The Korea Times : GNP Leader Clad in Unusual 'Combat Uniform' Again

    Yet another article today that floors me with a quote--this time one that is so utterly ridiculous it makes me wonder if I really should even bother with Korean media:

    "As the opposition leader put on her pants before making crucial political decisions or facing significant events, Park’s trousers have been considered a symbol of her strong determination."

    Her pants are a symbol of her determination. They even go so far as to call her dress slacks "battle gear." I don't kid.

    Yahoo gets delicious y.ah.oo!

    Wow...first Flickr then I may have to give Yahoo another chance...

    Hearing Loss News and Articles:

    December 12, 2005

    Hunjangui karuch'im - Antti Leppanen's

    Hunjangui karuch'im - Antti Leppanen's notes on Korea: "vinyle house" housing in Gangnam

    Never heard of this but it's really intriguing. Unfortunately I don't get anything when I follow his link. (I do however get that crazy lady from MBC drama "Hello, Francesca" when I click the blockquoted link. Ha!)

    The Korea Herald : Government

    The Korea Herald : Government to support unmarried mothers

    I'm happy to see progress, but the last sentence of the article floored me: "Under the law concerning parents and childcare to support, unmarried fathers are not legally responsible for financial support for their children." Incredible!

    KoreAm Thinking: Microsoft Facing Antitrust

    Just nice

    This weekend we headed up to Seoul, with a few associates in tow, for a company-sponsored Christmas program. We weren't exactly sure what to expect, but we made the best of it, making additional plans for Sunday in case Saturday night's event was a bust.

    Almost every time we go to Seoul we meet up with Leo and Laura. Both work in the office which oversees expatriate employees and would technically be considered Frulwinn's superiors. Yet since our initial orientation week when we first arrived, we have basically interacted completely as friends; in fact my flickr has quite a few pictures of them spending weekends here with us.

    This week was of no exception. We met up with them after the long corporate function and watched movies at Leo's house. I had suggested watching "The House of Flying Daggers," but my selection was pre-empted by the popular consensus, "White Chicks."


    After the two movies ( I needed some type of redemption after that first movie so I pushed to watch a second) it was just past 3am. We dragged ourselves through the harsh Seoul wind to our guest house where we promptly passed out.

    But this entry isn't a recap of our weekend. Actually I just wanted to give a good word. On the way up I received a call from Leo checking to see if we were coming and where we were. Then after the party we went to his house for fun and entertainment. The next morning, as I played ping pong with Miez and Rogan, he called again--and was there to play 20 minutes later.

    Leo had business in Kwanju, but he adapted his schedule to accomodate us all the way to the subway where we parted ways (he to Yongsan station and us to Seoul sation). And once he was on his train, he called again to see if we were finding ourselves ok in Seoul still. That's a nice guy.

    Every couple years or so, I run into a guy like this, and I often fail to truly appreciate their genuine friendship. No one ever calls me unless they want something--be it information, assistance, or just an ear to listen. So I'm always taken aback when someone takes interest for no apparent reason than that they like me. To me, it really is an interesting phenomenon.

    So here's three cheers to Leo and friends without intentions. I think we all could use a few more of those in our lives.

    Bush Administration Officially Below Average

    BBC NEWS | Wales |

    BBC NEWS | World |

    December 9, 2005

    The Adventures of Teapot the

    The Adventures of Teapot the Cat: rsstroom reader - toilet paper printer!

    Nonono wait! This could work! the ink could have lotioning properties! | News | Craig$ | News | Craig$ | 2005-11-30

    Rather long article, but interesting nonetheless.


    Shadows, originally uploaded by Juliusthecat.

    Testing some changes. Apologies to those of you who are not using RSS...yes I know it's really ugly right now.

    December 8, 2005


    To the person who came to Leftsider after searching for "story of a baby sitter humping her client and she enjoys it":

    I'm sorry, but I have absolutely nothing to offer you.
    Wait. Actually, I'm not sorry at all.

    December 7, 2005

    I've got (Mr.) Sun shine...

    Mr. Sun!: He needn't have worried.

    Wow a plug on my favorite site for geeky humor! This totally makes up for dashing my hopes before, Mr. Sun. :D

    fallen leaves

    Originally uploaded by **sirop.

    What a great idea! Check out the set while he's just beginning.

    The Morning News - The

    we make money not art:

    Mind Hacks: All in the

    Mind Hacks: All in the Mind on sexual desire

    Intruiging discussion. Plus, Australian accents. Yum!

    Boot Windows from a USB

    Macworld: News: Study: Google users

    Macworld: News: Study: Google users wealthier, more Net savvy

    OK I've got the net savvy part down....anytime on the wealthy part. T_T

    Josh Petersen on Ben Franklin

    Josh Petersen on Ben Franklin and the Web today - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

    You gotta listen when a guy gets all gushy about B. Frank, even if it's just for the humor value. Following the interesting tidbits, however is a decent presentation tied together fairly well. I just wish the sound quality was a little better.

    we make money not art:

    The Joey

    GadgetMadness :: The Most Expensive, High Tech Desktop Computer

    Ah, this link makes me think of my dear departed roomate, Joseph Pharo. Joey did everything extreme: Eat a box of waffles, buy a 40" plasma TV ten years ago, use high quality Advent monitor speakers in his work cubicle....stuff like that. He'd drink a two liter of Dr. Pepper in one sitting (even though he was diabetic) and play video games without relent (THPS3 in two days, anyone?). We actually turned his name into a verb:

    "Who Joeyed the popcorn?"

    "Sorry man, I was watching the first two seasons of CSI straight and couldn't be bothered for dinner. I'll go to Costco tomorrow and buy a pallet!"

    Then he would build computers. Computers for every one! And when he finally got around to building one for his own use, it was a scorcher. I remembering asking him, while he was installing the third hard drive--620gb total--"why?"

    "I went on a tour of the FBI one time and they said they have a terrabyte (~1,000gigabytes) of information," he said with that glint in his eye. "So I need to have at least that much."

    "And what are you going to do with all that space? And two channels of 2gb of RAM? And the webcam that looks like the eye of sauron?"

    Joey shrugged. "Surf, email, Kazaa, maybe webcam with some girls in Brazil." Money was no object; only capability.

    Yes my pal would have loved this nearly $24,000 computer. He'd scoff at it at first, but soon enough he'd be working out pricing. If he was still around, our groceries would probably be ramen noodles and PBJ for the next month while he saved.

    If I had the money, I'd most definitely buy this overpriced box o' bolts. And then, with a misty eye, I'd christen it The Joey.

    ChangeThis Interesting website that's worth


    Interesting website that's worth at least a look around (provided you have Adobe reader handily installed). I don't really like the idea of manifestos--too absolute for my blood--but still it seems they have some good things to say.

    we make money not art:

    we make money not art: One Pixel Camera

    They're on a roll this week at WMMNA. Just go over and read everything.

    BBC NEWS | Science/Nature |

    BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Antarctica's ice bottom exposed

    Does that make the antarctic fault the earth's version of plumber's crack? Hahaha the geek in me is satiated.

    In Defending Hussein, an American

    December 6, 2005

    New Tunes for Everyone!

    Finally back up to date with the Korea Pop Podcast Show. In fact, I'm two days early. Three cheers for progress!

    old shop

    Originally uploaded by lostseouls.'s in china, silly.

    Clueless and Cooler Than You

    Today my friend Minjung (이민정) showed me her new phone.

    The top of this LG phone has a huge screen, while the bottm has a scrunched keypad. On the back of the keypad is a 5.0 megapixel camera. My stupid camera--an actual camera--has only 2.0. The bottom portion also spins so that you can see yourself on the big huge screen while you take your picture with the 5.0 megapixel camera.

    Minjung currently doesn't know how to answer the phone, so you can be sure this isn't some technophile with the newest gadget. No, this is just life in Korea. When I get the model off her I'll update with pics.

    we make money not art:

    we make money not art:

    Daily Briefing: The Plan - >>Tomoyuki Tanaka_blog Tomoyuki Tanaka >>Tomoyuki Tanaka_blog

    Tomoyuki Tanaka has a blog! and I found it! Now I just need to learn Japanese...

    BBC SPORT | Football |

    BBC SPORT | Football | Europe | Real Madrid sack coach Luxemburgo

    Well since they are one of the two teams without Korean members that get airtime here, I've been watching this team a bit and I'm totally not surprised. Sucks to be Luxemburgo though. Scapegoat is a hard role to play.

    The way I feel about it? It's the has-been team. Everyone loves the name--and names that make the roster: Beckham, Ronaldo, Carlos. I personally like Robinho and hold him as an exception, but otherwise its a team full of aging stars. No coach can do anything about that.

    December 4, 2005

    Originally uploaded by cymagen.

    Originally uploaded by cymagen.


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    First of the year. Light dusting on the rooftops and streets. just a few traces on the rooftops now.

    Why I was up at 5am on Sunday to take this picture is another story.

    December 3, 2005

    Two ideas, somewhat related

    Because I've been doing some work and involving myself in projects that have to deal with balancing improvements in aesthetic and usability, I find myself trying to apply the same principles to other areas. Here are two in particular.

    The resume. In the span of my short life I've seen so much movement and progress. From ditto machines to e-paper. From pocket calculators to smartphones. From tables and forms to AJAX and stylesheets. Am I to believe that the CV has no opportunity for growth whatsoever?

    Since I'll be needing to update my information anyway, I'm considering creating something from the ground up. But of course, this type of plan needs to be community driven and based on standards and issues rather than personal styles and agendas. I'd love to hear some thought on this.

    Leftsider. Duh. I've been looking at certain sites and seeing what I'dd like to add and subtract. I want something similar but with a more friendly, more developed method. Plus, I've been procrastinating about the bad CSS in the archives long enough. heh.

    I guess I'll be adding these things to my growing list of things to take care of....I wonder if cleaning my plate off by the end of the year is out of the question?

    About Joel � Blog Archive

    About Joel � Blog Archive � I finally understand...

    Young Koreans are wizards when it comes to texting(texting in 한굴 is tons easier as well) and it shows in their speaking.

    But is the understanding of efficiency-induced contractions completely absorbed? Here I am writing an entire post about this because leaving a trackback would take the same amount of time as signing up for his commenting system. Go fig.

    Either way, other posts have helped to remind me that I could be doing something more constructive, like putting my newfound language into practice.

    National Novel Writing Month Wow.

    National Novel Writing Month

    Wow. I'm kinda sad I missed this. This month would have been a perfect opportunity to try this.

    December 2, 2005

    I guess I should make

    I guess I should make a list of things I'll need upon returning to the US.

    Joi Ito's Web: A bit

    Joi Ito's Web: A bit too "easy"

    This is what I've been saying for quite some time. So all you people out there who are waiting for me to return so that you can give me work--just give it to me now!

    The Lost Nomad: Would it

    The Lost Nomad: Would it really be a better strategy?

    Well, it sounded like a good idea* until I read the comments. Maybe it's possible that the two Koreas will never reunite? A sad but realistic scenario.

    *When I read the article. I'm not a fan of reading someone else's excerpts. Get the full picture.

    The Assimilated Negro: The Greatest

    The Assimilated Negro: The Greatest Beatdown Of All Time

    Yeah I got a good laugh out of this one.

    Mr. Sun!: Holiday gifts for