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September 22, 2005

Another classic from Pusan

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September 20, 2005

Arrrrrgh! I missed it!

Joi Ito's Web: Planning to

Joi Ito's Web: Planning to be homeless

I think that to truly understand this it's important to have had a real experience with asian culture. A lot of people will write this off as a western-styled insight to the flaws of a public system. Instead this is a real revelation of asian character.

I no other place have I seen more persistence and determination to survive. At first it seems like bravado or machismo--and perhaps it was at first--but with a whole society thinking this way, it transforms into an unbreakable platform of self-preservation that gives a person a sense of being; a real reason to live and live purposefully.

In western societies, it'd be common to find someone in a similar situation spending lots and lots of time focusing on the faults of the system and bemoaning his fate. Not much time, however, would be spent in making a plan. Maybe he'd watch his life crumble around him, helpless. Or maybe she'd bounce from residence to residence with no real plan for the future.

This guy obviously spent considerable time weighing his options, researching, and preparing a strategy. Why? because he relies on his own self for his success; a classic eastern viewpoint. He also has surprisingly low goals: a place for shelter, something he can afford. It shows that living acceptably in Japan and in the US are vastly different.

I was so confused when I first arrived in Korea and saw so many small stores--selling the same thing, no unique factors, even owners sleeping in chairs. Over time I came to recognize that working for one's self symbolizes a certain level of freedom, even if that freedom means you are relegated to living in your office space. It's a sacrifice that many have deemed acceptable.

I hope that from my time in the east I learn to apply some of these principles to my own outlook on life. Focusing on the reality rather than bemoaning my dreams, I hope to be as soberly responsible when faced with adversity.

20 courses I didn't take

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September 19, 2005

MasaManiA = 道徳遊戯: The most

September 18, 2005

A Two-Day Tour of Tokyo,

September 17, 2005

Dear New York City... -

September 11, 2005

Louisiana's Wetlands @ National Geographic

Louisiana's Wetlands @ National Geographic Magazine

Talk about prophetic--take a look at this article from 2004.

The New Yorker: PRINTABLES A

The New Yorker: PRINTABLES

A review of books that define truth, lies, and bullshit (as a concept, not a swear). Quite insightful!

September 5, 2005

Cheat Sheet Roundup - Over

East Asia Affairs :: [NEWS]

Son, You'll Always Remember Your

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September 4, 2005

Missed connection?

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When we were on the subway in Busan, we were followed by a group of schoolgirls, who were kinda cute in a funny way.

They went past their stop just to figure out how to ask me for my email (written on paper in English). Now I've got a comment on the last post, but I'm not sure which girl it is....comment again and let me know!