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July 30, 2005

Hello from 포항!!!

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July 29, 2005

Gizmodo Japan: Automatic Human Washing

Gizmodo Japan: Automatic Human Washing Machine

I sooo want one of these. Can I put this on my amazon wishlist yet?

Soon in Japan, it'll be

Soon in Japan, it'll be raining ads

As much as I dislike ads in general, this rocks.

It's not so bad when you remember how she looked back then...

CNN.com - Goats, cows offered for Chelsea

Why have I seen this story in two different places? Are we that low on news?

Having been to Kenya, I'm partial and would say that it would be culturally sensitive for someone (even if it isn't Bill) send him a letter declining his offer. Or, sell him Chelsea.

Why not? It'll just be more publicity for America's favorite first family. Enough publicity, in fact, that we probably could get a reality TV show out of the deal; and we all know how that helped Paris Hilton.

There are other plusses too. How about the novelty of a Kenyan son-in-law for the Hillary2008 presidential campaign. No one could say she was inexperienced in international affairs--there's a little of that happening every time the kid comes home. And what about US-Kenya relations. They're already ok, but it shows you're really willing to take one for the team (unlike your husband, who got one and refused to admit it).

For those of you worried about young Clinton's happiness and safety, I have three words for you: Trust Fund Baby. She has backing so financial support can't be placed over her head. In fact, her suitor better be prepared to hand his cojones over in a crystal carafe since she's reportedly pulling in six figures from her current job. Altogether, She'd be more equal financially with a retired Kenyan president than with Mr. Chepkurgor. She has nothing to fear.

So, let's just turn our brains off completely and watch hilarity ensue. There's nothing that Americans love more than a good show, and this one has all the markings of a classic. Plus, if someone can buy a successful First Daughter with livestock, I'm sure I could get Han Chae Young for a steal. :)

July 28, 2005

Guess what? GTA is bad! (shocker)

Recently, there seems to be an apparent clamor in the United States over the presence of an easter-egged sex scene in Rockstar Game's cash monster, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Off the top of my head, this is perhaps the stupidest thing I've heard. Let's dissect the news.

It starts with a game; GTA:SA--quite possibly the game on the market most unsuitable for young kids. The game is about a gangbanger returning home to help his family gang return to their criminal splendor. In order to do this you must violently suppress and anihilate all pretenders to the throne while doing dirty deeds for crooked cops who framed you for an officer's murder. You beat people for money, screw hookers for health, and juggle girlfriends for perks. This is not Mario folks; there's a reason there's an "M" on the cover.

Now, inside this immoral web of gaming code someone put a sex scene. I must note that there are numerous sex scenes in the story line (hookers, girlfriends, accomplices), but you only hear the scene and are left to use your imagination. In fact, the sex scene in question is also not visible for anyone to see. It can only be made visible by a modification to the game's code which unlocks the bawdy action. In effect that's not even an easter egg; it's more related to a programmer tag--something virtually invisible to the consumer.

So really when you think about it, all the commotion is that when you've tired of robbing, looting, defacing, murdering, counterfiting, and being a public menace you can waste time inserting code which allows you to see some awkward characters act out everything else you've already been doing in the game, albeit blindly. And when you think about it that way, it really is really stupid.

If parents followed the ESRB rating on the front and back of the games their children want, they would already know that this game is intended for people over the age of 17. If this game was only being played by people of that age, this would be a moot point.

By the time I was that age, I had friends who had kids already. A video game sex scene is only a poor reenactment of the goodies already going on. Sure, I don't want a 10-year old watching a gangster tappin' booty either; that's why I don't buy them mature games.

And if it's already a mature game where they're already virtually breaking laws, murdering people, and being a moral void, why complain about having sex? That's actually LEGAL; almost everything else you're doing in the game is not.

Some people have too much time on their hands and on their private parts to realize that they are making fools of themselves. Their soapbox is sitting on the backs of every reasonable standard, which they conveniently ignore in order to focus on the sensational. I'm really rather sad that this is even an issue.