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May 23, 2005

Fading memories

As we get older, our memories are sweeter; and as they grow sweeter, the more they slip from us. We search our mental recesses with intensity, yet eventually we can barely sort out the storyline. And then, it's gone forever.

Part of a conversation with my grandmother-

Leftsider says:
I was thinking about pop pop the other day. I was kinda cloudy and the wind was picking up, and I remembered how pop pop said if the leaves on the trees across the street all blew the same direction it usually meant rain. I remember that actually working, so I've always looked at trees when I wonder if it's going to shower.

Leftsider says:
I don't know if that works for Korea, though. ;)

Leftsider says:
That was from way back when I stayed with you guys for the summer.

Your Dad went to Virginia Beach this week end, Kim kept house :) You know I don't remember you staying with us one summer.

Leftsider says:

Leftsider says:
That was one of the best summers I ever had

Leftsider says:
I stayed with you guys and then went home on the weekends.

Leftsider says:
maybe around 8 years old.

Leftsider says:
wow. close to 20 years ago. I can see why you wouldn't remember.

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May 22, 2005

More cornrows and afros....what is this Gypsy Rock???

This weekend we actually went out. And when I say "went out" in reference to a weekend, I am saying that we did not get home until well into the next day.

This is something that I love doing, but unfortunately it's the first successful time I've had an opportunity to since I've moved here. Partly because of location, partly because of timing, partly because of scheduling conflicts--and completely to my chagrin.

This time though, we had already made plans to be out late. We were hanging with a party that isn't known for wee-hours activities, so we didn't expect much. But after the participants exchanged farewells, Fru and I and a friend wandered towards the scene to get a taxi. Then we thought, hey, we're already here....

Two hours later all three of us are on the stage in front of the DJ, dancing like crazy, hyping up the crowd and having a good time. It was a hip-hop styled club, but these days I can't be picky. I think I might faint from joy anyway if I found a place that spun some nice House.

Faded to sleep around 4...*sigh* Good times. Kinda made me miss home, but definitely quenched a thirst. When's the next outing? ;)

May 12, 2005

Blending In

Originally uploaded by Frulwinn.

Sadly enough, this picture pretty much sums up how much blending in I could ever hope to attain in Korea. Heh

Great pic, babe!

Blending In

Originally uploaded by Frulwinn.

Sadly enough, this picture pretty much sums up how much blending in I could ever hope to attain in Korea. Heh

Great pic, babe!

May 9, 2005

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May 2, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing

Spent another day mostly downtown; this time with Robert "Whatitis" from the other Daegu SDA language institute. Initially we had wanted to get together and take the Daegu City Bus Tour, but we found out too late that is was an all-day tour which starts at 10am. Not wanting to go back to the construction zone that is our place, we just went downtown.

When I go downtown these days, I feel like a pet that has been kept inside too long. In the same way that they run around and sniffing every leg, marking every tree, I feel that I'm amazed by downtown's wares not for any exceptional qualities that they possess--rather, it's just because I'm deprived.

With today being the third time I've hit the strip in four days I had to ask myself, "What is really so cool about this place?" It's definitely not the downtown I knew. I haven't seen any jazz cafés, lounges, eclectgic bookstores, record shops, skate parks, international cuisines, or street art. I've never been able to get someone to accopmany me downtown on a late-night meandering (and the 30,000won cab ride back prohibits me from doing it solo). With all the things I love so much so rare, it's no wonder I'm like a 15-year old at the mall without the 'rents.

I've got some ideas for remedying this malady. I'll fill you in on it soon.

Do like I do, not what I do

While I've always secretly looked for admiration from my peers, I've never wanted to be a role model. I think that, in general, looking up to me is looking sideways at best. At worst, you could be swimming towards the bottom of the pool.

Yesterday we hung out with 지훈 and 민정 downtown and had a really nice time. Near the end of our time hanging out, however, we started talking a lot about relationshipss and marital woes. And when I say "talked" I mean they talked; we listened.

I've noticed a few other times where they talked to us candidly about issues they face. They've even told us of things that we do that they've modeled in their own relationship. In short, I'm flattered; but in the long run I'm concerned.

Frulwinn and I have a good relationship. Not great, though pretty fantastic. We make our own rules and make a point not to follow suit for simplicity's sake. We do what we do because it works for us; so someone else finding our relationship appealing is refreshing only when you understand our philosophy.

I have enough problems of my own without worrying if my solutions fare well for the good of the common people. I am the head of a two-person party, not the CEO of married life. It all adds a little stress to my life since I do care for others.

I guess I should be grateful for an audience for my philosophies, but I just wanna do people right, you know?