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April 23, 2005

Webbed Wrap-up

Adobe Macromedia acquisition roundup
Ok let's get this one out of the way to move on to other news. You've heard enough about it already so I'll just point to Kottke's roundup, which misssed my absolute favorite comment about the whole thing.
If I can get a spycam, an automated swiss army knife, and a cellphone built-in, I'm game.
Uhhhh, I don't know what to name this one.
Frighteningly fascinating. Can I try?
EC-02, The little electric motorcycle by Yamaha
I sooo need one of these right now. Sooo.
I turned the house upside-down the other day...
Still didn't find what I was looking for. =o]
Korean Women Take 17 Minutes to Put on their Face
Korean men take the whole evening after work for getting ****-faced (sorry, I just mentioned the site to my grandma 5 minutes ago).
Dial F for fake cellphone calling.
Yeah I've done it. I think it all started after I realized that every girl on campus I'd pass leaving my evening class was on the phone to avoid contact with strangers. So I did it to make them worry less that I was interested in them. It has it's purposes.
"Minority Report" interface created for US military
A way to shift through large amounts of information quickly? Sounds like my perfect internet app. =o]

OK Fru is upset that I'm typing in bed...I guess the screen's light is keeping her up. So until next time.

This is what we call "Bittersweet"

Originally uploaded by gac.

Click the pic and read the comments to understand.

April 20, 2005

Back to Work

Had a not-bad time this weekend at Jiri mountain; got a surprising amount of time to sit and think about a few things, which was nice. Now that I'm back though, it's business as (recently) unusual.

Got a request to do some print design (?) and I agreed (???). Typical of someone who asks me to do something I have never advertised an expertise in, they need about 100 pages of content completely reformated. In 10 days. The project was mailed to me Friday afternoon, and man was it ugly.

So I'm starting on that. Knocked out about 20% last night; I'll try and do more today. Ultimately I'm just playing wage slave and doing all the dirty work while I get Fru (the REAL print designer) to make a layout design that I'll deal with applying to all the content. We'll see how it goes.

Even so, I'm going to still try and keep up with posting. I need to. I'm obligated to. If I don't, a 3-legged gorilla will shoot rubberbands at me.

I think it's time for my medication. Cheers till next time. =o]


Spring is in the air! Crank it up!!!

April 15, 2005



April 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by Leftsider.

If I had known how much I'd miss them when I looked at this pic I would have never searched for it.

April 11, 2005

Webbed Wrap-up

With no real news on the homefront, I'll leave you with an interesting proverb:
호랑이 굴에 가야 호랑이를 잡는다.
(If you want catch a tiger, you have to go to the tiger’s cave.)

Interesting application of the moment. Apparently cross-platform as well. Anyone using and care to review?
The Superficial: Madonna is confused
This is what happens when you become too cool for your own good. Trendiness bites back. As much as I like Madonna, I gotta say this is just fruits.
You no longer need to decide which one is better. At least not until this guy stops running the site.
Sony Invention Beams Sights, Sounds Into Brain
I've always been fascinated by the progression of games, but this just creeps me out. As if it isn't bad enough walking into a room of people zoned out on NFS:Underground, imagine random people staring off into space, slightly euphoric countenances on their twisted faces. A lot like the people who protray opium addicts on movies.
Pillory Dinette 2004
Wait...people still do that??? There's a market for this?
The Alphabet According To Worf
I never knew how much of a dork I was until I saw this. Now THAT's geek humor.

April 10, 2005

Another birthday recap

Saturday, April 2, was Joey's birthday.

Yesterday, exactly one week later, I sent an email to his parents. I don't know what I hoped to accomplish--get something off my chest? Let them know he's still remembered? Anywho, read on...

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April 8, 2005

Birthday Recap

Sunday, April 3, was my birthday.

I usually don't like to do much for my birthdays; the most I'll ask for is a nice dinner. I think it hearkens back to my days as a poor kid who got a card and undershirts; I've learned to notice the love and appreciation in simple gestures, and have started to prefer them.

Generally on my birthday I try to approach the day as normal as possible; it's my time to look at all the things that make up my life--the job, the commute, the tv shows, the friends--and really take a day to be thankful for all of them, since I usually complain about them on any other day.

This year was no different. Fru had a teacher's retreat the weekend of my birthday so I figured my day'd be spent in meetings and discussion groups. Fortunately, the conference was held at a beachside condo-tel, and out room had a magnificent view, so I was happy with that. It was the first time at the beach, the first really good spring weather, and I was around a few good friends over here that made it all seem nice. I even spent a little time at a Buddhist temple, which is becoming a personal pastime.

The next day we visited Seorak Mountain before heading home. After all the climbing and riding everyone was pretty wiped; so I was pretty happy that Tuesday was a holiday--Fru and I could just chill, recoop, and make the most of a 5-day weekend.

Ji Hoon and Min Jung came over. Min Jung wanted to learn how to make banana bread, and Ji Hoon figured he and I could hang out in the meantime. We went out, saw my student Walter on the way carrying some pizzas. Then we went downtown and checked out cellphones, and we stopped by a table tennis store to buy new paddles(blades) for the youth group.

On the way home, Ji Hoon sounded concerned when talking to Min Jung on his cellphone. I didn't eavesdrop, but after hanging up he said that she wasn't feeling well and was dizzy. He said that she had been working really hard at another conference that weekend and he wondered if she had overexerted herself. Maybe he'd even take her to the hospital if she was too weak.

I'm starting to get concerned and he's sounding worried. So when we get to the building first thing we ask is, "How's Min Jung?"

Frulwinn says,"I don't know, she's laying down."

I lock the entrance door and make my way up. When I get to the door I see balloons--but only Frulwinn and Min Jung. I'm confused. Is it Ji Hoon's birthday?


It was a surprise birthday party. For me! Wow it totally caught me off guard. Especially since my birthday had passed two days earlier. It was totally unnecessary, but after the recent funk I was in, it was totally appreciated.

Some one brought homemade kimbap, another brought a green tea cake. The pizzas that walter was carrying? They were in attendance. And the ping pong paddles? Actually Ji Hoon and Min Jung's gift to me. Yeah I was totally not paying attention. I missed so many clues I can't recount them all.

What's more, I got gifts! Normally I have a big rule that I want no gifts on my birthday; I just want to enjoy my friends and that's it. But now that I'm not with my long-term friends, to receive something from people who have just gotten to know me seemed so special. They weren't big or expensive presents; just small items that said that i was appreciated. I swear my heart felt like it would burst with happiness.

So I'm feelin' pretty good. I really was just hoping to come through April 3 on a positive note since April 2 was Joey's birthday and we've celebrated together the past few times. I must say that things have a way of working out every once in a while, and this time they couldn't have picked a better time.

April 6, 2005

Webbed Wrap-up, Long Overdue Edition

There's a slightly stale smell to this edition of the Webbed Wrap-up. Sorry it's so delinquent folks; I was depressed. I'm all better now though. Thanks for asking.

Google Blog
Google has a blog? Wow and it's actually worth reading occasionally. Now I'll never get a decent audience here at Leftsider...
Amazon "Sells" ViewSonic From The Future
Stories like this make me cackle in nerdly fits of amusement, but the fact that so many people hopped onto this makes me wonder if any actual work gets done in the world. ever.
Duct Tape Workshop!!!
Make your own wallet out of duct tape. I need say nothing more.
Just the spoilers, please.
Everything you never wanted to know before watching the film.
How to really confuse your party guests.
And waste so much time in order to do so that you practically scream to the world, "yes!! I am a college student!"
Transparent Screens
A cooler, less intensive way to confuse your guests.
Banksy strikes again!!!
I love this guy. So glad he's bringing his mayhem to the US of A.
The Mac OS X Expert Challenge 2005.1
No I'm not entering. I've only been a mac user for about three months now, and while that does make me an expert, it doesn't give the general public the time and resources needed to understand he genuis processes I implement in OS X configuration and maintenance.
PSP 411
The more I read, the more I want. I want! I want!!!