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March 31, 2005

Why My Dreams Are My Biggest Nightmares

It has been a few days since I last posted. My quick response is that I've been busy, but my short-but-accurate response is that I had a lot of things happen in a short time.

It's always difficult for me to dig out from under a mountain of new things; rather than sludge through it, I'd more likely wait until it's no longer pertinent and move on to a point where I can start again. This isn't good, but it's how I am.

I know this, and I've tried many times to do better. Still, old habits die hard. So today, I'm writing a confessional of my sins against myself and my potential.

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March 24, 2005

Weed smells bad

I've been pretty vocal throughout my illustrious time on earth about my views on drugs and alcohol. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't, never have, and that I most likely never will.

That being said, I've been around enough weed to mellow out all the bulls in Pamplona. Bowls, bongs and blunts to sacks, stems and seeds--I can smell almost instantly before it's even lit.

I say this because today, for the second time since I've been in Korea, I smelled weed. This would be common on a bus, at a club, or in certain areas of Maryland and DC. But in Korea, weed is a no-no. Yes, it's a no-no in the U.S., but here's it's like, for real.

Here telling someone you had a nickle bag would be like telling someone that your had four kilos of coke in your knapsack between the semi-automatic and the original copy of the anarchist's cookbook. People are serious about this here, man. It's no joke. So the smell of weed on a city street or a bus is ridiculously unlikely. So I have to come to the realization that someone just smells like a sweaty bag of dank.

Thinking about this is really strange, but smelling it makes it real. If someone smells like they just sampled the fire and they haven't even seen weed before, THEY FRIGGIN' STINK. There is no reason on God's green earth that you should smell so pungent and stinging. Sheesh. Take two baths.

I never before equated that smell with bad, but now I do. Weed stinks, and apparently so do two people living here.

March 23, 2005

Saftey first....wait, Second

If there's one thing I've noticed around Korea, it's bad english. It's amazing how so many people can be so upset about foreign english teachers; it would seem that no one has ever met one.

Take the Daegu Metropolitan Subway Corporation, for example:


Ok, maybe that one was a little harder to catch, but I chuckled as soon as I saw it. Perhaps only a fluent speaker would notice that one.

I discussed with a few people my dream to create my own position in Korean government: Official Proofreader for the Nation. With my help, and the coordinated efforts of my department, we could eliminate many of the reasons that English in Korea is hilariously trivialized--both by foreigners and natives.

The resounding response, however, is that Koreans really don't care if it's correct, as long as it looks good. And that, friends, sums up the whole situation quite nicely.

March 21, 2005

Luxuries I can't afford, and couldn't back when

This edition of NYT's Travel Section has me thinking about "saudade" again. If you know that word, you know how I feel. *sigh*

The truth revealed!!!

My side project is starting to stand on it's own.

Apple Salad

Regarding Macromates:

leftsider says:
I think that it's worth mentioning how much humor I find that developers feel the need to make their sites look like apple software pages.

echo says:
ya, that's a bit too fanboy for me

echo says:
they do a lot of great design, but that doesn't mean my web presence has to perpetually toss apple's salad

leftsider says:
that, my friend is the mental picture of the week.

echo says:
i don't see how

echo says:
it's one intangible thing licking the asshole of another intangible thing, how are you visualizing that?

leftsider says:
I just see a apple with it's cheeks spread and a screenshot with a tongue. sorta.

leftsider says:
my visualization muscles may be a bit overdeveloped.

March 20, 2005

Webbed Wrap-up

This wrap-up is well received because I'm glad that week is onward to more productive and less confusing days ahead! Onward Ho!

we make money not art
My site of the moment. Besides a great name, a decent stream of content. Without them, I may never have known the joy of Notepad Invaders
The Creation of Oklahoma
This one's for you, Ed. =o]
probably the best app I've seen all week, but I've been seeing a lot of neato apps recently. For Mac users.
AP RSS Feeds!
Know about everything before everyone. Be the man--get the feeds, bro.
Tokyo Street Style
Quite possibly the easiest way for you to improve your fashion cred; weekly shots from the trendy fashion areas of Tokyo.
One guys look back at his year in Korea. "Baptism" and "Kid Bowling" are my personal favorites. Also see: Avoiding Life.

March 16, 2005

Cherry Blossoms II

Originally uploaded by Sockeyed.

Vancouver already has cherry blossoms??? Some one give me a calendar.....what is the date and why is nothing budding where I live???

Rest for the weary

After reading that sleep debt article a while back, I decided to try and increase the number of hours I sleep daily. I usually feel like I've been dragged over stones in the morning (especially since we got here in Daegu) so I figured maybe my sleep debt was catching up with me.

Well it's been a little over a week, and boy what a week it's been. This crap sucks. I felt awful from the first day--like I was digging out of my grave every morning. Sometimes I literally asked Frulwinn to give me a hand to get up. Absolutely horrible.

But it's getting better. Today was the first day I woke up actually feeling nothing. I didn't wake up refreshed, but I didn't wake up groggy either; I just got up. Maybe it's like giving up cigarettes or caffeine, where you go through a withdrawal and then come out the other side clean and fresh. I hope so.

The only other downside is that I'm not used to spending so much time sleeping, especially late-night. I'm hoping this isn't my regression into senioritis. I'm not getting old, I'm just taking care of myself, got it???

March 15, 2005

Even exchange

So last night I met with Walter(how do Koreans pick English names?) and went over our plan. He is a member of our church's youth group, a starcraft player, and a gadgets guy with a serious need to improve english. I am and English speaking, games-needing, k-pop fiending former volunteer english teacher with lots of free time. Bing! A friendship has been created.

It's really cool because this will give me an opportunity to keep those skills sharp as well as an "in" into the games and media I've been going on and on about. Plus I like this guy's laidback style and humor, and wouldn't mind helping a fellow geek out.

We're set to meet twice a week in addition to his daily personal study time. He seems like he'll be a good student so I have nothing but high hopes for the whole thing. Wish us luck!

only the lights same as the number of people

Originally uploaded by _moko_.

How cool a picture; how cool a concept.

How cute it sounds in bad English. =o]

March 13, 2005

Webbed Wrap-up

Little late on the offerings this week due to a lot of new developments. Hope to share soon. In the meantime....check out these interesting web tidbits:

Rave: I love you, Average Boyfriend
It's about time someone gave their man some props. That's why men don't treat you nice because all you know how to do is complain. *ahem* Glad I have a woman that appreciates me too.
U.S. Racking up Huge "Sleep Debt"
Yeah I've definitely got a big sleep debt. I'm just waiting for the sleep mafia to come and break my sleep legs or take a sleep finger or something--cause there's no way I can make it up.
Electronics Games Creationism
The things people think up when that have nothing better to do. The only thing worse is that I'm the one who dredges the internet and finds them. =o[
Samsung 19-inch LCD works as monitor, TV, FM radio
Samsung is rockin' the mics these days and they just dropped this sweetie recently. Only thing it can't do is drive me to the mall. I don't have a car.
Samsung SCH-V770 7-megapixel cameraphone
Did I mention that Samsung is rocking the mic these days? It's a phone. It's primary function is to call people. It has a 7-megapixel camera with an attachable lens that looks like a trumpet mute. Man I need one like yesterday.

That's it for now...guess I'll head to bed.

March 10, 2005

Swing Swing Swing....

My latest earworm....Viva Soul (비바 소울)'s "Swing My Brother"

Giant Steps

I've always had this vision in my head of making music videos for certain songs. I'm not actually interested in being a music video director; rather, some songs just invoke a mental panorama that is just so beautiful.

I've tried a couple times, but, unfortunately, my drawing/flash skills were always low enough that it made a project of such a labor which seemed insurmountable.

Giant Steps by Michal Levy makes me happy because now I know that other people have felt the same way--and that gives me encouragement to maybe give it another shot sometime.

March 9, 2005

There's no "i" in Foreigner

I think the most frustrating aspect of living here in Korea is the fact that no matter how much I develop and grow, it will never be seen in this country.

If we decided to stay for another 10 years in Korea, and at the end of that time I decided to tour the country, I would still be treated the same way that I am treated now--the same way I was treated when I arrived.

Now no one is saying that I have been mistreated. On the contrary, I've been most accomodated sofar. Extra accomodation, however, is not normal; it is given to help smooth over the rough transitions--something that should be well through after such a long period.

Still, if I were to stay ten more years, it would mean ten more years of people staring and commenting/giggling about my differences. It would mean ten more years of waiters bringing me forks when I was proficient with chopsticks even before I came. It would mean that no matter how persistent I was in trying to practice my Korean, someone will always feel the need to clarify what's happening with their bad English.

Deeper still, it means that as a non-Korean foreigner I'm either an English teacher or military personnel. I cannot be an average joe walking down the street. I cannot walk through an apartment building without someone wondering why I'm there. I'm cannot open a mobile phone service plan or sign up to many Korean online music and gaming sites because my residency ID signifies that I am not a citizen. Yes, this is even if I spent ten years living here.

There are few things that infuriate me easier than being guessed. When people assume who I am and what I like and how I think based on nothing more than their perception of all people that look like me or live where I do it makes me respect them less. How can I respect someone who has no interest in who I am? Despite my best attempts, nothing short of becoming president of Korea would make the all Koreans give me a chance to be judged by my actions. Even then, any other person would then be judged by my reputation.

I refrain from calling it racism or prejudice because I want to believe it's simply the effect of a country newly exposed to the international community. I would hope that the generation after me would find Korea to be much different from the one I know now--the one that doesn't know me.

March 8, 2005

Chunks that don't blow

Peeking Into Google
from geekpress

More reason to use Netflix

You'll never have to return The Others The Day After Tomorrow.

Google does it again

This is why I love them. Type "weather Syracuse, NY" and you'll get a weather report for the week along with the most relavent search results. Fantastic.

Add this to Google Maps, Google News, Froogle, Google Suggest, Gmail, and the labs in general--and maybe you'll love them too.

Belief-o-matic has an online quiz do determine what religion most associates with your beliefs. I'm not sure what the dertermining factors are, but I decided to take it despite my skepticism. Here's my results:

1. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (100%)
2. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (94%)
3. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (93%)
4. Jehovah's Witness (92%)
5. Seventh Day Adventist (84%)
6. Bahá'í Faith (77%)
7. Orthodox Quaker (76%)
8. Eastern Orthodox (70%)
9. Roman Catholic (70%)
10. Orthodox Judaism (68%)
11. Liberal Quakers (63%)
12. Sikhism (59%)
13. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (58%)
14. Unitarian Universalism (56%)
15. Islam (55%)
16. Reform Judaism (50%)
17. Hinduism (49%)
18. Neo-Pagan (46%)
19. Jainism (42%)
20. New Age (36%)
21. Mahayana Buddhism (33%)
22. New Thought (32%)
23. Secular Humanism (32%)
24. Theravada Buddhism (32%)
25. Scientology (28%)
26. Nontheist (24%)
27. Taoism (22%)

I'm glad Adventism got up in the top five at least, but how did jehova's witness and mormonism get in there above it???

March 7, 2005


Originally uploaded by Uhmyang.

This one's for you, Jooch

A message to all the users of Blogger

A while back, Blogger enhanced its commenting feature, allowing you a wider range of choices in allowing comments to your site.

Before, you usually let anyone and everyone comment to your blog. This made you easy prey fro comment spammers, so they added the option to allow only Blogger users to comment to your site. Nice. Except I don't use blogger.

I used blogger in 2002. Then I did my own thing with greymatter. Now I've been quite happy with moveable type for quite some time. Anyway, I don't want to have to go back to my kindergarten days to say something about your post on toothpaste. Blogger realized that, and now you can select "blogger," "other," or "anonymous" when posting to a blog....

...IF THE BLOG HAS UPDATED ITS SETTINGS. So bloggerheads and blogspot users, I beseech thee--in the name of all that is holy please pay attention to Bloggers updates and change your settings. Keep up.

March 2, 2005

A spark and a dream

The last two weeks have been pretty amazing. I haven't really done much new, but I'm planning too--and that's important.

It's been a while since I've undertaken any new projects. I just haven't felt creative for quite sometime, and I translated that into a subconscious request for leave. Now, unemployed and in a foreign land, I've got so much time and so many sensual stimulations that it's hard for me to not be imaginative. I'm actually having trouble reining in my thoughts.

So, I've directed my wandering wonderings into a specific direction, and I'm happily suprised with the results. I'm thinking feverishly over them, working them through, and watching them grow bigger and bigger. I'm a bit superstitous when it comes to sharing ideas so I'll wait till they're closer to fruition before I spill the details. Just know that the Leftsider wheels are starting to churn once again, and I think we'll all be happy with the results.

March 1, 2005

The Rules!

Well it seems already comment spammers are out and about, but the new system is keeping things in check sofar. Even so, I thought I might spell out the rules for commenting.

The comment system is intended to share your insight with Leftsider and its readers. It is not a website promotional tool so stay on topic otherwise your comment will never see the light of day.

I don't have time to delete all your posts that break the rules, so if you err more than twice your IP will get more censure than Janet Jackson's nipple.

If for any other reason I am put into a funk by spam comments I can and will at any time put the hammer on you by implementing typekey-only commenting. And that settles all.

Any questions? ourdailydead at leftsider dot com

Webbed Wrap-up

Succeed! (flickr)
The path to greatness wasn't exactly where I imagined...
Man can Sue Woman For Sperm Theft Distress
More from the too strange for fiction dept.: Man gets head from woman. Woman saves jizz and impregnates herself. Woman sues for child support. Man countersues for sperm theft and distress. Did I mention that every part involved is a medical proffesional--not some redneck in Kentucky?
Best Dressed Homeless in the World
Korean customs donates over 3,000 articles of confiscated designer knockoffs to homeless in Pusan.
Build a Simple MP3 Player for Your Site
I'll share this since I've come up with a better solution--to be introduced soon!
Ajax: a new approach to web applications
The reason the evil scientist look is back in your resident web geek's eyes. Everyone's giddy about this prospect, present company included.
The Portable Mac OS X Geek
Now that's what I call connected. wow.
Dance, white boy, dance!
Mr NumaNuma has nothing on this guy. And in uniform!
Adamond ZK1: 2GB Flash Player
Drool with me guys. I've actually been sitting on this one--trying to wait for a price.